21st century sounds #electro & #instruments


Here we are well into 2016 and reminiscing not just over the work I produce, but also the circles I move in: I felt it is worthy mentioning my experiences of the ‘contemporary world’.

Being a woman that has surpassed her 20 (yes I do remember the 90’s as part of my late teens) but with appreciation for real talent in particular in the realm of music and instruments. I must say the the gigs with GOODSOUL PROMOTION (on FB)  have opened my eyes AND ears and furthered my learning, opinions and experiences.

With a ‘band’ HIRVIKOLARI as an example that stood out to me as one that encompassed my concerns of musical talents by ‘simply turning’ buttons to create a sound. These guys also brought a real instrument to stage.

And without further hesitation, I am convinced and like to share this with you , that indeed we have arrived in the 21st century, where true musical talent is more than pinging some strings or a beating a drum, but I happily accept that the mastery of electro sounds (even in combination with real instruments), are done by musicians with the talent of hearing and creating sounds to transport and trigger, what music always did for us.

HIRVIKOLARI #showreel #video

Here is my thumbs up to turning the buttons!

Love & Light,



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