a Goodsoul Gig #purpleheartparade


Another evening with the Goodsoul Promotion is looming, well into my 3rd year; these guys gotta be one of my favourite partners to take my lens too, in order to capture and convey- what has been and will be again – to last .

As always the atmosphere of a Goodsoul Gig is that of genuine joy , personal and professional all rolled into one to support the talent that there is to keep some real sounds and musical ambitions alive.



Another hall mark would be the Bands, cherry picked out of the best there is; in quality sound in the current alternative scene. As pictured in these behind the scene snaps, #THEPURPLEHEARTPARADE  are yet again to come together for another Gig tonight.


If you ever wondered if  live sounds and quality bands are a thing from the nineties: with real musicians strumming some cords, let me tell you these events still got it.

With a well oiled family Team that @GOODSOULPROMO is,

you will have the pleasure of listening to 3 bands of great quality and sound.


GOODSOULPROMO GIG 28-07-16 , @ Sebrigth Arms

Let your evening be filled with sounds and vibes that are sure to remind you of what talent musicians need to bring to the table … well,stage –  to fill the room and you with vibes of the unforgettable kind.

Purple heart 2


Purple heart 6

See you there…


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